Biding time

August 29th, 2010 § 1 comment

Sunday morning sitting at the Centre today. Not the quietest mind ever, but it’s always nice to go. Yesterday was an introductory workshop day so we had one new face in the zendo. New faces in the room always improve my concentration. We also held a ceremony of aid for Pakistan, and that plus dokusan made for a full house (and a shortened samu period, which I will admit that I appreciate).

The wall I’m facing these days is impatience. I haven’t had a chance to do sesshin yet for a handful of reasons. Candice and I can’t go at the same time because our cat, Rasha, needs daily medication. I wasn’t ready for the spring sesshin and couldn’t easily get out of work for the summer five-day retreat, so it was Candice’s to attend.

But there’s one coming up, a seven-day right in the middle of the term student program, in which members (whether formal students or otherwise) pledge to intensify their practice for a six-week period. I have plenty of room to intensify!

So I remind myself that the immediate goal of my practice right now is to prepare for the term student program and sesshin. I have a feeling that after a couple weeks of 6 AM sittings and then seven days of sesshin my problem won’t be impatience.

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