It costs ten dollars.

September 19th, 2010 § 3 comments

I’ve been too busy at the Centre to post! I guess that’s a good sign. On the other hand it’s been all about getting ready for the fall yard sale, which happened yesterday and went well.

It was a neat contrast, because one of the first things we did as “real members” at the Centre was volunteer for the spring yard sale, and I remember definitely being the new guy there, and this time I was getting asked questions about where things should go and how much we should bargain.

So one problem with the Zen Centre yard sale is that it’s really tempting to go home with stuff. In the spring I came home with an old sewing machine (which I’ve since used to alter my underrobe!) and this time we came home with a slow cooker and a 20-year-old Cuisinart which was donated by Sensei’s wife Bonnie, who is a caterer.

I mentioned this to a friend online a moment ago. I had to post the result. (I am “mendel”).

mendel: folks we have a NEW (old) CUISINART
eyeteeth: (old)
: 20 years old apparently.
mendel: Bought it from a zen centre member at (before) the yard sale
eyeteeth: mendel asked, “How can a Cuisinart be both old and new?”  He was told, “It costs ten dollars.”  At that moment mendel was enlightened.
eyeteeth: Before enlightenment, blend smoothies, make julienne fries.  After enlightenment, blend smoothies, make julienne fries.

Edit: And then, later…

mendel: The cuisinart of samsara has produced: KALE PESTO
eyeteeth: I left that kale pesto behind five miles ago.  Are you still blending it?

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