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November 24th, 2010 § 0 comments

I haven’t disappeared! I’ve been too busy practicing to write about it.

Sesshin was challenging, exhausting and wonderful. I can’t wait to go on another. Candice is going to the Vermont Zen Center, part of our triple sangha, in a couple of weeks for Rohatsu sesshin. We take turns at sesshin right now because one of us has to be not-at-sesshin to take care of our cat, Rasha, who has failing kidneys.

Following sesshin I asked to be, and then became, a formal student of Taigen Henderson sensei. A couple big dry logs on the fire, sesshin and the new student ceremony, on top of all that kindling from Term Student.

Right now Rasha has his head buried in my elbow. He’s doing alright.

This is what reminded me to come here and post:

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